I help business owners create processes around their money and stress less about their bank balances through 1:1 coaching and online education.

I help online business owners learn how to pay themselves more and not stress about their bank balances through 1:1 and group coaching programs.

Megan Naasz, Certified Public Accountant
HI, I’m Megan.  I’m a CPA, female business owner and money strategist. What does that mean?

It’s a way of approaching money in your business with a cash impact and profit focus that YOU can understand and implement.  Why is cash and profit so important? Because ultimately, that’s what is available to pay yourself for working as hard as you do.  Sounds too good to be true, right?


I’m not just saying “I get it” because that’s what you’re supposed to say.  I really, really do. You’ve never been shown how to manage the money in your business so it seems overwhelming and frustrating.


But it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re tired of feeling scared about doing the “wrong” thing with the money in your business and need help getting this figured out before it gets any bigger, then boy are you are in the right place.


For most people, thinking about money and their business isn’t exactly their idea of a good time…

In fact, it can be pretty darn scary and intimidating.

I’ve actually heard clients refer to keeping up with their business finances as emotionally painful as going to the dentist!

If you fall into this category, I want to work with you to change that.


Helping people truly understand the financial aspect of what’s happening in their business lights me up.  I even read money books for fun but can’t at night or my mind starts spinning and then I can’t sleep.  I learned that lesson the hard way!

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