Megan Naasz, Certified Public Accountant

Because, hey....

You really shouldn’t feel like you’re a hot mess every time you think about money.

Does any of this sound familiar...?

You lie awake at night wondering, “Where did all my money go?!”

You’re super busy and you know you should be livin’ the high life, but you’re just…not.

Even though your bank account has money in it, you’re not sure how much you can pay yourself and how much you need to cover expenses.

You know you should be saving for taxes so you aren’t screwed at tax time, but don’t know where to start.

You just want it to be EASY.

I get it. Really.


You’re smart enough and you just need someone to show you what to do without having to learn an entire new trade like accounting.

Here's How The Program Works

Session 01:

Let’s ensure you have all of your money foundations in order.  We’ll talk about essentials for tracking your finances, optimal business structure, creating systems around your money and setting some goals for our upcoming sessions.

Session 02:

You are going to love this one!  Figuring out how much money you should be saving for taxes, paying yourself and using for business expenses are some of the things we’ll cover. We’ll do a quick analysis of where you are now so you can take some steps to where you want to go.  Soon, you’ll be able to quickly glance at your bank accounts and know where your business stands. 

You’ll also get clear on when and where your money is coming and going. We’ll dig deep into your expenses and identify any savings opportunities.  

Session 03:

Now that you know how the cash is flowing in your business, you’ll learn to flip budgeting on its head and think of it as making a plan for your money to be in alignment with where you want your business to go.  You’ll know how much you have and where it’s going, now and in the future. I’ll help you set up a super easy system you can stick with.

Session 04:

We’ll take a look and make sure you are pricing your services for PROFIT. Along with this, we’ll work on creating realistic revenue goals and ensuring you are maximizing your revenue generating activities. 

Session 05:

Now we are going to dig into some of the accounting stuff. We’ll take a look at your financial statements and go over them in detail so you know exactly what they mean. Along with that, we’ll put together some ratios and talk benchmarking so you can see where your business has been so you can see where you are going.  I’ll show you exactly what you need to know about your numbers as a business owner. I’ll make it fun, I promise.


One time payment of $997 OR two payments of $514

Here's What Regan Said About The Program:


You’ll schedule a free call so we can meet and chat about the process.

We’ll meet virtually once a week for five weeks (think of how great you’ll feel in just 5 weeks!!)

Each week has a theme, but come prepared with questions and we’ll make sure they all get answered.

What would happen if we got started now?

You’ll feel confident and clear when making money decisions for your business.

You’ll have a system and plan, so no more wondering what the heck to do!

You’ll never, ever, EVER feel confused, intimidated, or scared about your money again.

That’s a great feeling, right?


One time payment of $997 OR two payments of $514



Can you help me file my taxes?

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