Megan Naasz, Certified Public Accountant

Because, hey....

You really shouldn’t feel like you’re being sent to the principal’s office every time you talk about money.

Does any of this sound familiar...?

You’re super busy and you know you should be livin’ the high life, but you’re just…not.

You lie awake at night wondering, “Where did all my money go?!”

Cash flow and budgeting may as well be a foreign language to you.

Even though your bank account has enough money in it to pay the bills, you still feel uneasy when you think about money.

You just want it to be EASY.

I get it. Really.

And it’s not fun, right?


You’re passionate about what you do, but just don’t have the time or desire to learn an entire new trade like accounting.

And why should you?

You’re an expert at what YOU do. No one else can do what you do.

So why not focus on that instead?

What would happen if you just let it go?

You’ll feel confident and clear when making big money decisions for your business.

You’ll have a plan, so no more wondering where all of your money went!

We’ll communicate a ton so you always know where you stand financially.

You’ll never, ever, EVER feel confused, intimidated, or scared about your money again.

That’s a great feeling, right?


Here’s the deal.

I’m not a regular accountant. We’d work together virtually – via video chat, phone and emails.

That means that I’m accessible when YOU are available.

You won’t have to leave your day job early meet with me.

I’ll answer your emails in between meetings.

Heck, I’ll answer your text messages, too.

I won’t even get offended if your toddler comes screaming through the room, because I’m a mom and totally understand!

Sound good?

Let’s dig into the details of how we can work together.

BUILD Coaching Package

For the business owner who wants to set up a fool-proof method for savings, taxes and budgeting.  We’ll work together over 12 sessions to set up systems and habits so you can handle it on your own when we are done.


The word BUDGETING always seems to freak people out the most. But making a plan for your money is so empowering and you can totally do this.

We’ll make a plan so you will know EXACTLY how much you should save for taxes, pay yourself, and put into savings.

No more guessing if you can afford things and potentially screwing yourself later.

We’ll dig deep and know your cash flow so you can bring home more money and increase your profits.

Budgeting does not mean eating beans and never going out again. I’ll show you how to make it fit into your life.

Knowing when your money comes in and out is just as important as where it goes. Sounds too good to be true? I promise, it’s not.


We’ll look at all of your opportunities to see if there are any ways to save you money.

You want more to stay in your pocket and less to go to the IRS, right?


Revolutionary, right?

All joking aside – having clear, open communication with me and being able to get a quick response to your questions IS revolutionary in the accounting world.

After our initial meeting, we’ll meet 11 more times virtually and I’ll check in on you frequently through email.  I’m here for you and will be working along side you throughout our program.

Not to mention all the things that are harder to quantify...

Having control of your money and knowing you have all of your bases covered.

Finally get a good night’s sleep without worrying about money.

Feel calm and confident that you’re always making the right decision financially.

Peace of mind knowing that I’m always just a quick message away. Really.


Initial deposit of $400 and $415/month for 6 months


Not to brag, but... I’m gonna’ brag a little.

Here’s what some of my past clients had to say about working with me.

Megan is great at making the murky world of small business taxes clear to someone with a right-brained approach to the world. She is the only accountant who, after a meeting, has left me with my questions answered and with a sense that I even marginally understand how taxes work.

April Hale, April Hale Jewelry

Not only does Megan do a great job of explaining broader tax and accounting issues, she also is able to explain detailed issues with the same simplistic manner. Megan makes complex issues simple, so we can focus on our business.

Jenna Smith, Cloth & Crown

I struggle with making smart decisions that will affect my financial future. Sometimes only after I make them do I realize the huge impact they will have on my taxes. Megan is there to explain the pros and cons before I make my decision.

Dan Colson, Realtor



Can you help me file my taxes?

Sorry, I’m not taking on new tax clients at this time.

Do you provide bookkeeping services?

I have limited openings. Check out my bookkeeping services to see how I can help.

I'm not sure I need this much help. Is there any other way to work with you?